Monterey Bay – A Scenic Wonder

The Monterey Bay area is filled with beautiful views and fun things to do. It is the perfect place to go for a beach vacation without having to leave your own state. There are a couple small cities with big things to do, Called Monterey and Carmel By The Sea. You should definitely stop by these cities, should you happen to find yourself in this area. What exactly should you see if you are in the area? I’m glad you asked!


Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay aquarium broke records when it opened in 1996. It was incredibly large for it’s time, and was also the first aquarium to house a great white shark! While it hasn’t broken any records lately, it is still an amazing aquarium. With dozens of different fish, jellyfish, and sharks, you are guaranteed to see some captivating sea creatures as you stroll through the halls of the aquarium.


Canary Row
With its colorful history and picture worthy street, Cannery Row captivates visitors from all over the world. The unique appeal of this fabled street is what makes it one of the popular vacation destinations in the Pacific Coast. Waterfront hotels, legendary fine dining and captivating boutiques makes Cannery Row an ideal place to soak up the culture and beauty of Monterey Bay. You would not want to go home empty handed after your visit from Cannery Row. Stop in at one of the lovely shops along the way for a special keepsake or souvenir.

17 Mile Drive

The 17 Mile Drive is a lovely drive through the Pebble Beach area, which is nestled right between Monterey and Carmel By The Sea. The drive is a circuit where you will see all sorts of sights, like Shepard’s Knoll, Spanish Bay Beach, The Restless Sea, China Rock and Huckleberry Hill. I personally love to ride bike along the 17 Mile Drive as it is filled with nonstop, stunning views of the beach!

Bike Ride Along the 17 Mile Drive

Whale Watching
Who doesn’t love whales? If you are in the area, and are a fan of those majestic creatures, you are in luck! There are plenty of opportunities to go for a whale watch in the Monterey Bay area. You can see whales all year round, but if you would like to see humpbacks, you’re going to have to go sometime between April and December!

Point Lobos State Park

Breathtaking Views

Point Lobos State park is another wonderful place to see the ocean, and other seaside scenery and wildlife. Within the park, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and diving. There is even a whaling museum in the park!

Carmel By The Sea


Carmel Plaza
If you are looking to go shopping while you are in the area, Carmel Plaza is definitely the place to go. You can find everything there, from high end national brands, to boutique gourmet eateries. This place has it all, and is guaranteed to wow you, should you happen to find yourself wandering through the mall!

Carmel is known as a go to spot for artists. That is why there are so many art galleries there. If you find yourself fancying some art while in Carmel, you are in luck! There are dozens of art galleries in the Carmel area. The city’s website even has a directory of them!



Carmel By The Sea is full of amazing beaches, with breathtaking views. No matter where you are in the city, a beautiful beach is just a few footsteps away! If you are looking for suggestions, Carmel Beach and Carmel River State Beach are tourist favorites!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do for anyone and everyone that goes to the Monterey Bay area. From whale watching to high end shopping, this area has everything. Be sure to stop by some of these places, next time you’re in Monterey Bay!

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  1. petchary says:

    We have wonderful memories of Monterey Bay. The whale watching experience was unforgettable and beyond my expectations! We love the town.


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