Land’s End – A Hidden Gem

Are you looking for a place for a quick run, a place for an outdoor date, a place to have a picnic, or a place with a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge? Look no further, Lands End is ideal for all of these.

The Coastal Trail at Lands End is a gorgeous spot for walking, it’s like a Hidden Gem and most of the visitors to the city don’t know it’s there.

Coastal Trail

As you start your journey on this coastal trail, there are benches only in the beginning.  This Trail is full of winding turns and has spectacular views of the Pacific coast and the Gold Gate Bridge.  Along the way you’ll see the Labyrinth.  You can stop there or go all the way down to Mile Rock Beach.  There, you’ll see many rocks piled up giving this beach an artistic touch.

Now that we got a little intro, let’s get into some more details about this amazing place.

Cliff House

The best way to start the trail is to park at the Parking area by the Cliff House. The Coastal Trail is a walkway that starts just above the Cliff House.

Sutro’s Cliff House is a casual restaurant with stunning panoramic ocean views. From every angle, there is much to see – the famous Seal Rocks, the Pacific Ocean, the Sutro Bath ruins and the entry to the Golden Gate. You can experience the beautiful sunset views while you eat. If you plan to eat here, I would suggest you keep this at the end of your trip as you will be hungry after your walk.

Towards Coastal Trail

As you start your walk from the Cliff House, there is a short paved stretch near the beginning, but most of the trail is dirt and rocks, with a couple of steep stairways. Mostly mild, but a little strenuous in a couple of places. The trail is about 1.5 miles long; a leisurely walk one-way takes about an hour or so. The trail going down on the left takes you to the Sutro Baths and you can take the right one to continue with the Coastal Trail.

Sutro Baths

Once the largest indoor swimming pool in the world, the Sutro Baths is now a ruin, sitting in one of the most beautiful settings.

Sutro Baths
View of the Pacific Ocean
Heart Shaped Rock

You would also want to stop and check out USS San Francisco Memorial and Mile Rock Beach on your way.

Amazing views

The views of the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the highlights of this trail and is my favorite. The more you walk the trail the closer you get to the bridge and you will have ample spots to click amazing pics.

Spectacular Views of The Golden Gate Bridge

Labyrinth is also another spot but requires you to walk down a lot of steps, but it is totally worth it.

There is also a Mile Marker which will give you an idea of where you are.  If you wish to continue the Coastal Trail it will take you to the China Beach and Baker Beach.

Coastal Trail Mile Marker

You can continue the trail to go to the Golden Gate Bridge which is about 2 Miles from the Mile Marker.

Lands End

I hope you find the information I shared helpful  and that the pics I clicked during my walk on the trail motivate you to hike the Lands End Coastal Trail. The best time to visit this trail are the Sunny days. I would avoid going to this trail during or after heavy rains as large puddles form in a number of places along the trail and the path can get muddy and slippery.

Please do leave me comments if you liked this Trail and also if you have any feedback.

Until next time, take care and enjoy!


Sutro Bath Pillow Covers

                                                                                                          The Story of Sutro Baths

23 thoughts on “Land’s End – A Hidden Gem

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Great pix, excellent descriptions. Despite some number of visits to the Bay area, I’ve yet to see the Cliff House/Sutro Baths site, which I’d like to do. A reminder to me to keep it on the list.
    Thanks very much for visiting Under Western Skies. Happy hiking.

  2. terrifiedamateur says:

    Beautiful photography, and well-framed. You’ve chosen absolutely stunning vistas. Though I live on the East Coast now, your work makes me miss California all the same. Counting the days until I return…

  3. beetleypete says:

    I have never been to America, but we also have a popular place called Land’s End. It is in Cornwall, on the south-western tip of the UK.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. ourwestwardmovement says:

      Hi Pete,
      Thanks for the visit and also introducing me to the other Lands End. I looked it up in Google and it looks so nice and peaceful.

  4. thewonderer86 says:

    When I started reading this post I thought it was going to be about Lands End in Cornwall, so it was a bit of a surprise – but a good one. It looks like a gorgeous spot.

    1. ourwestwardmovement says:

      Its an interesting part of the history where one man’s vision to provide recreational opportunities to thousands of visitors and then the struggle to manage it by the family makes it an interesting read.

      1. lexandneek says:

        Yes, we’ve traveled to Virginia City where Sutro first made his fortune with the Comstock Lode and to Dayton where he ventured to create the Sutro Tunnel. Definitely an interesting read also.

  5. kholopainen says:

    Just found this while thinking about another trip to San Francisco. If I go this is definitely on my list!


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